A Call to Rise for Lebanon in its Darkest Hour

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

October 25, 2021

“We, the Lebanese diaspora, are being called on now, to rise for #Lebanon in its darkest hour. Like this film by Lebanese Australian Daizy Gedeon (@daizygedeon) shows, it is our time to step up and help our beloved Lebanon, and all our country’s men and women, who have carried the burden on our behalf for so long. I urge you to watch the full trailer of ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour (@enough.movie) and to sharing it with your community, friends, and family, because the time to rise is now, before it is too late. God bless America and God save Lebanon 🙏🏼🇱🇧❤️” Thomas Abraham, Founder and Chairman of the Help Us Rise Beirut Relief Effort.