A Letter of Thanks from a St. Jude Family

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

May 20, 2017

St. Jude Gala May 20,2017 Intercontinental Hotel Maimi FL.
An open letter of thanks from a St. Jude Family- Looking for a Glimmer of Hope!
“Mr. Abraham
Thank you once again for all that you did for Victoria and my family. Victoria went to St.Jude on July 2016 and went through another operation and 30 sessions of proton radiation.
We left St.Jude in September 2016 and returned in February 2017 and we will be back June 12-15, in which we hope and pray that we will receive good news and that the radiation impacted the tumor that Victoria had and still has in her head which grew into her brain.
She has a meningioma tumor stage 2 and lost all sense of smell but lucky we were able to safe her vision.On behalf of Victoria, my wife Damary and I we are forever grateful to you and your amazing father for what he help to start.
She has been through 3 major surgeries
During her second surgery she had a stroke and lost all movement on the left side of her body. After she recovered from the stroke she had a seizure and lost all sense of the left side of her body again. In her second surgery as well she lost all sense of smell but we were able to save her eye sight. The battle continues but she a strong amazing superstar and she will beat this. ”
So compelling is the need to find a cure for all these family’s facing the unthinkable consequences of the catastrophic diseases inflicted on their innocent children, the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is proud to be apart of Danny Thomas Dream “that no child shall die in the dawn of life. Our hearts and prayers go out to each and every family that is faced with the daunting challenges of keep the faith and trust in the Almighty and the Miracles being performed at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Thanks to all the supporters of St. Jude you are so instrumental in fighting the battles of “finding cures and saving lives”
Thomas Abraham