A Tribute to A Mother and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Board Member

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day is special in that each and every family has been injected with the DNA of the Queen of Motherhood who brought us into this world and or Offered the Supreme Gift of Love by Adopting a abandon Child! In the entrance of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital a tribute of Love and Thanks for your unquestionable Dedication, Commitment and Love not only to raising our family but also in being apart of the first generation of Board members of St. Jude.

Mom you were The Guardian Angel to the Children of St.Jude and to our family. Seasons of Miracle, is dedicated to your everlasting commitment to creating seasons of Miracles at St. Jude.

I commissioned for you Seasons of Miracles which was created by my dear friend Romero Britto greats the family’s of the World looking for the Miracles of St. Jude to bring a shining light of Hope in creating a Miracle Gift of Everlasting Life for the one they Love. Your Legacy of Compassion, Trust in the Almighty and your efforts in Keeping Danny Thomas Dream Alive” so that no child shall die in the dawn of life” will forever be greeting the family’s of St. Jude as they enter the place of Devine Hope.

Happy Mother’s Day, your Legacy will forever burn in my heart as a reminder of the great gift of a New Life you gave me to be part of your family.

GodSpeed! And forever thankful!