Ambassador Gabriel Issa visiting American Lebanese Community in Miami

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

April 15, 2019

Thank you Ambassador Gabriel Issa, for visiting our American Lebanese community in Miami. The Courage, Passion , Commitment, and Love of your America Lebanese Heritage embodied you to step outside of the ordinary dictates of giving to setting the example for others to admire and appreciate. The extreme sacrifice you have made for your Love of America and your home land Lebanon by giving up your American citizenship illustrates your passion and commitment to bringing about a closer bond of friendship and understanding of our Lebanese heritage and creating a better appreciation and relationship with America. The collaborative initiatives you have started in supporting the interest of the people of our American Lebanese communities and those living in our beloved homeland will bear tremendous fruits of success for all. You are truly a very special torchbearer of Statement-ship and Guardian and Peace Maker. As our Lebanese American Ambassador thank you. God Bless you and your family and thank you for your sacrifices for being a blessed instrument of Hope for our American Lebanese Diaspora and our Beloved Lebanon. GodSpeed! Thomas