American Task Force For Lebanon

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

April 12, 2019

American Task Force For Lebanon
Full of Expectations- The Spirit of Yes! Alive and Well with the Diaspora of Lebanon.
Having attended the private reception in Honor of the American Task Force for Lebanon at Ambassador H.E Gabriel Issa residence and the the 30 anniversary of the American Task Force for Lebanon I found to a Spirit of Enthusiasm for the future of Lebanon.
The overlying theme circulating throughout both events shouted out that Lebanon’s strength lies within the everlasting blood thirst of it Diaspora and Citizen for its independence and freedom to live life in a free Lebanon no matter what obstacles and or hardships it may face to secure it sovereignty.
The Rainbow Colors Of Lebanon we’re flying bright and plentiful of projects and ideas reawakening the Phoenicians Spirit of exploration to the unknown corners of the world.
That exploration spirit of conquering the unknown and developing ways and means to survive was spoken by the enthusiastic diaspora of American Lebanese who attributed their Success to the Love of Family, Country, and Faith, but most important that Lebanese Blood Line that is Imbedded with that Entrepreneur Spirit of Exploration to create and succeed in Concurring the Impossible.
Coming away from two days of meeting and social gatherings it was quite evident that the American Lebanese community has not given up on the Legacy and Future of a Free and Independent Lebanon!
As an American Lebanese I am proud of the efforts of all Championing the initiatives in support of and preserving and protecting a Independent Democratic LEBANON.