Fighting Injustices Against Women by Sypporting South Florida Institutions

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

July 29, 2020

Every Life matters. The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is aware of the tremendous injustices that are perpetrated against woman from all over the world. We are humbled to be supporting a number of amazing insidious in South Florida that deal with these injustices. We thank all those who are bringing the blight of woman in Turkey as one example of the global trauma that woman face.

We encourage a friends and associates in those we do not know to support this initiative in their local communities by supporting those charitable institutions who are taking in women who have been abused etc. it is important that we support these institutions to give hope and meaning to these souls who have been so abused in their lives.

Want to extend to my thanks to all those who have been supporting this movement.

Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

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