“Giving Hope… Making a Difference” Gala

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

October 15, 2016

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation was proud to have been an Underwriter of the Rene Moawad Foundation October 15, 2016 “Giving Hope… Making a Difference” Gala. Were so blessed for two amazing woman Mrs. Rima Otrakji, Gala Co-Chair , Ms. Michele Gillen and Dr. Gallo, Master of Ceremonies.
It was indeed a generous and most rewarding gift for all of us to witness RMF presenting Mr. Alexander Asseily Founder of Jaw Bone a High Tech Company with the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award and breath taking Fashion Show featuring designs created by International acclaimed Lebanese Fashion Designer Randi Zakhem.
Michele Gillen said it right, “this was such a meaningful night sharing the passion and path of the Rene Moawad Foundation which is devoted to finding paths toward peace while rescuing the most vulnerable and rebuilding lives. It was my honor to introduce the inspiring former First Lady of Lebanon, H.E. Nayla Moawad, who carries on her husband’s legacy with grace and determination. He was a leader committed to dialogue and a belief in unity and the sanctity of humankind -no matter apparent walls, obstacles and differences. While he was assassinated just 17 days after his election, the seeds of his mission did not vanish. I find his words worthy of reflecting upon today. Well done Thomas Abraham, loving family and terrific team.”
“There can be no country or dignity without unity of the people, and there can be no unity without agreement, and there can be no agreement without conciliation, and there can be no conciliation without forgiveness and compromise.” – President Rene Moawad
Thanks to all the supports for such an amazing night.
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation