Groundbreaking For Lighthouse Learning Center for Children

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

August 5, 2016

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation has been a proud sponsor of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind for the past 50+ years and are so truly Honored and Privileged to have played a small part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new “Lighthouse Learning Center for Children”.
The Light House Learning Center for Children will house programs for children from birth through age four and pre- kindergartners for blind three and four-year-olds. It will be of a safe, child-orientated environment with a wide variety of tactile experiences through which toddlers and young children can learn about the world around them.
Our Founder’s Anthony and Genevieve R. Abraham were true believer in the mission of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. My father so admired its amazing President & CEO, Virginia Jacko whom he believed was a God given miracle put on this earth to shine the Light Of Hope for those stricken with the ever lasting sphere of darkness. It was his belief that Virginia Jacko was truly the right person to steer this amazing organization on a path to international greatness by the implementation of their many breakthrough innovations in the search for curing blindness.
It has been our boards stated mission to continue our Founders legacy in supporting the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind by our unwavering Dedication, Commitment and Support in helping Virginia Jacko and her amazing organization continue in their mission to provide vision rehabilitation, eye health services and education that promote independence, to collaborate with and train professionals, and to conduct research in related fields.
We want to extend our sincerest congratulations to all those organizations and government agencies for your support in helping this amazing institution reach another historic milestone in thier quest to Bring Light and Hope to all those affected with the loss of their eyesight.
May the Almighty powers above continue to shine thier blessing upon your unselfish deeds of compassion and stewardship for those afflicted with blindness.
Thomas G. Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation