In Support of the 2015 Bike MS: 175 Mile Breakaway to Key Largo

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

March 7, 2015

Thomas Abraham, Chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Speaking in Support of the 2015 Bike MS: 175 Mile Breakaway to Key Largo.

In our commitment to continue our stated mission “to insure that love, honor, respect, and empowering the lives of the suffering, hopeless and forgotten” is fulfilled, I want to say it is an honor to have supported the 2015 Bike MS: Breakaway to Key Largo bike challenge.

I have to admit that participating in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s 29th annual Bike MS event was truly rewarding, and of course, challenging. I learned a lot about the meaning of perseverance, the importance of team work, and the desire to support each other no matter how in-surmountable the odds may be. I also dedicated this ride to the memory of my cousin Betty Ann Shaker who passed away this past February and was afflicted with MS for over two centuries.

I was inspired by those individuals participating in the event who were afflicted with MS, and even had the pleasure of riding with one. A group of riders from the Bacardi Team invited me to join them and they introduced me to Theresa Newby of Fort Myers Florida who has been battling with the effects of MS for years. After coming to terms with her diagnosis, she decided to meet each challenge head on and use her strength and determination to to raise awareness for this debilitating condition.

I implore you all to continue to support those organizations that you feel passionate about because they all need your support, both morally and economically. It is one more step we can take towards helping find cures that can change the lives of those who are suffering and feel there is no hope.

Thomas Abraham
Chairman – Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

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