Present the President of Lebanon a Collectors Running Jersey in N.Y.

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

September 24, 2019

What better way to continue to support Peace, Love, Run the Beirut Marathon, created by the Queen and Founder of Peace, Love , Run May El Khalil than to present the President of Lebanon a collectors running jersey in N.Y. as part of his visit to the United Nation Assembly.

On May 10th 2019 the Beirut Marathon will showcase to the world that the Lebanese people gather together over 47 thousand strong in support of spreading the message that Peace, Love, Run is the catalyst uniting the people of Lebanon under one Flag , symbolized with the Cedar Of Lebanon flying high representing the iconic history of the Lebanese people who spread Peace, and commerce throughout the ancient world as Phoenicians.

It is with Love and understanding and respect for all our human rights that we can continue to bring Peace to Lebanon. GodSpeed and thank You Beirut Marathon.

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