Running the New York Marathon to Support Lebanon

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

November 2, 2019

As the world watches the determination and commitment of the citizen of Lebanon to find Peace, Love and Unity, I will be running in the New York Marathon November 3, 2019 as a symbolic gesture of support for the citizens of Lebanon.

Every breath I take, I Dedicate as a reflection and a gesture of support for the millions of steps taken in Lebanon by its patriots in the Hope of establishing a free and independent Lebanon.

Every step I take is in support of its citizens looking to establish a government void of outside influences in an effort to bring about monumental change in the political apparatus that is strangling the life blood of the country and its people.

I am a proud American of Lebanese Heritage, born in Lebanon and believe that “he who denies his heritage has no heritage” so I join in your Hopes of finding a peaceful resolution in bringing about Historical changes for the betterment of Lebanon and it’s people.

I dedicate this New York Marathon run especially to May El Khalil and the Beirut Marathon Association and all its supporters and runners.
The Queen of Peace, Love & Run for a United Lebanon is the iconic symbol that created & provides a peaceful platform for all of Lebanon to join together as a United Country, walking, running and embracing the Spirit of Peace, Love and Unity.

God Bless Lebanon, I AM Lebanon, Walk With Me,I AM Lebanon Sing With Me,I AM Lebanon Stand With Me, I AM Lebanon – Proud, Independent and Free. I pray for a United Lebanon.


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