SEAL 2016 Gala NY

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

October 15, 2016

In Search Of Hope
SEAL( Social & Economic Action For Lebanon)
SEAL 2016 Gala NY
In a time when the world is embattled in conflict of how to deal with the Syrian refuges I am proud to say that the Lebanese government and the hundreds of charitable organization inside Lebanon are working hard to help the over 2 million refuges housed inside the boarders of Lebanon.
SEAL is working hard in implementing grass roots programs and supporting underserved Lebanese communities in Lebanon. It is SEALS Believe that empowering people to create economic opportunity for themselves is the best way to make a substantial impact on their lives and those of their families.
On behalf of the Anthony R.Abraham Foundation I want to congratulate George Bitar President, Victoria Lupton, Executive Director and Board of Directors of SEAL on celebrating their 19 years of commitment to empowering the lives of the Lebanese who are facing serve challenges in the wake of dealing with the severe consequences of the Syrian refugee crisis within their borders.
We also want to congratulate the two Honorary’s Rabin Kayrouz Fashion Designer and Jamal Mouzawak for their progressive career and contributions to their Homeland.
The Abraham Foundation is proud to attend your 2016 Gala in support of your empowerment projects that enable Lebanese citizens to continue to work and live within their villages in sub staining the economic echo system with in their homeland.
We are Committed to continue to support SEAL and the empowering projects that have become symbolic of the Spirit of Lebanon.
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation