Supporting and Participating in the Ride 2 Recovery Army / Navy Challenge

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

October 9, 2015

Ride 2 Recovery -Saving Lives By Restoring Hope and Purpose Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Sponsoring the Army VS Navy Challenge.

Thank you for your support if you have given already. Please Watch Wounded Navy Officer Melissa Klotz story on why Ride 2 Recovery is so important to her.

The Abraham Foundation, is Honored and feel’s it a great Privilege to Support and Participate in this years Ride 2 Recovery ARMY /NAVY CHALLENGE for the True Hero’s of America who have sacrificed everything to secure the Rights and Freedoms we enjoy without any sacrifice.

We salute John Wordin, President and Founder in creating Ride 2 Recovery to support of our Veterans in their search to find a meaningful way to recover from the wounds of War they have suffered in support of maintaining the freedoms we enjoy in America.

The Abraham Foundation has kick started the fundraising effort by donating $20,000.00 and we would welcome your support in helping Ride 2 Recover and the veterans the support its riders reach this goal of $40,000.00 for an amazing organization.

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