Supporting Roads For Life

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

April 5, 2019

Through tragedy a new Light of Hope is shined on an amazing organization that is making miraculous miracles come to life through the god-sent Angles of the Roads For Life organization. The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is Proud to support this amazing organization and its founder Zenia Kasseem.May your efforts continue to save the lives of those in jeopardy. GodSpeed!Thomas Abraham Chairman Anthony R. Abraham Foundation.

On Friday, April 5th, Roads For Life (RFL) distributed a total of 113 rescue kits at the graduation ceremony at Hamat Special Forces School. 81 rescue kits were allotted to Special Forces Instructors and 32 kits were allotted to other Lebanese Army fighting units. The graduation ceremony marked the end of several training sessions and included a live-fire exercise and a ceremony in honor of the Lebanese Red Cross, RFL, and Fransabank, headed by Fransabank Group Chairman, Mr. Adnan Kassar who was represented by Ms. Dania Kassar. #RedCrossLebanon
#RFL #RoadsForLife
RFL President Zeina Kassar Kassem asserted that “Lebanese soldiers, just like all other Lebanese citizens, are entitled to the Golden Hour in rescue operations, as they are always likely to be wounded whilst performing their national duty in defense of their country. The numerous battles fought by the Lebanese Army against terrorism have taught us that the theoretical and practical skills we provide in the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training program are supplemented by the use of specific tools, such as tourniquets and bandages, the absence of which would transform wounds into fatal injuries”.
Roads for Life pledges to keep supporting the training program with the #LebaneseArmy in keeping with the guidelines and criteria set by its Command in order to face the security challenges that require a state of permanent readiness in terms of rescue techniques.