Supporting the Sister City Initiative

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

April 1, 2015

Thomas Abraham Chairman – Anthony R. Abraham Foundation : Today in Miami a Historic meeting took place in support of the Sister City initiative between the City of Miami and Beirut Lebanon.
Mrs. Rita Nammour Founder of APEAL:Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon and Sandra Nader VP of APEAl meet with Internationally acclaimed Art Dealer Gary Nader of Nader Art Gallery to discuss a special cultural event that would feature and high light current and past historically important artist,writers, poets and contemporary internally acclaimed Lebanese artist to be showcased in Miami as part of the continued celebration of the singing of the Sister City agreement between the cities of Miami and Beirut.
There is a lot of exciting movement between both cities in pursuit of bringing about a cultural awakening between both amazing international cities.
Stay tuned for more updates as they unfold.
Thomas Abraham
Chairman -Anthony R. Abraham Foundation