To My Father Anthony. R. Abraham

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

June 21, 2020


A message I received today from a Dear Friend from Lebanon D.R. : Thank you for such a beautiful message that I want to dedicate to my Father Anthony. R. Abraham for adopting me and my adopted Sister Norma and I from an orphanage in Beirut Lebanon.

Today marks the first day of summer and Father’s Day (in Lebanon). On this special day I can’t but think of someone who represents both— a father to many who has spread his wisdom, charity, guidance and experience to people around the world. A father who knows firsthand that being a father is not necessarily a biological tie.

A father who acts upon the true purpose of life delivering messages of hope and spreading positivity, peace and happiness. 👨‍👧‍👦 🌎 ☮ …you My dear father and the The Fathers of the World are a living representation of summer— you are persons who spread freshness and love for life.

Wherever you go you brought and bring that warm burn as the sun, the fresh breeze of air, you nurish everything around you like brusts of leaves growing on trees, Stay true to your roots and nourish the blessing of father hood so that the next generation will continue your lust for knowledge, Life and Love of Family.


To the Fahters of the World.

Thomas Abraham

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