Twenty-Third Annual Benefit Gala for The Children of Lebanon

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

October 24, 2016

In Search Of Hope
The Awakening of Our Historical Pride!
The Rene Moawad Foundation celebrating its Twenty-Third Annual Benefit Gala – Benefiting The Children of Lebanon.
“Giving Hope… Making a Difference”
The Cedar Trees of Lebanon have taken root in the fertile soil of the USA as first, second and third generation Proud American Lebanese continue to exhibit unrestricted passion, leadership,innovation, creativity, love of country and homeland.
As a individual wearing many different hats as Chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Board member of the Rene Moawad Foundation, Emeritus member of the Board of St. Jude, last night I was Proud to Stand Tall and be counted as our American and Lebanese anthem was song and our Flags were displayed.
The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation was proud to have been a supporter of the Rene Moawad Foundation October 22, 2016 “Giving Hope… Making a Difference” Gala in Washington D.C.
Last night the Washington D. C. supporters attending the RMF Gala we’re able to see and hear first hand the amazing stories of the sacrifices, struggles and success stories of those suffering in Lebanon and hear the stories about the iconic American Lebanese and the monumental gift they gave America and the World “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”
I am So Proud of the Super Stars of the Second Generation Lebanese who made an appearance here tonight in support of the Children of Lebanon and the RMF.
I want also to Congratulate our Honoree’s and Presenters and extended our profound gratitude and thanks for your passion , commitment and dedication to your country and homeland of heritage, you make us all proud.
We were so blessed to see first hand the impact of the various generation participating tonight from the rising eighteen year old female singing star, Marianne Khattar, mistress of Ceremonies Ms. Sara Ganim, CNN Corespondent and the Distinguished Life Time Achievement Award recipient, Dr. Andre Choulika, Chairman and CEO and Founder of Cellectis, a bio pharmaceutical company focused on oncology.
The Outstanding Community Service Award was presented to one of our second generation American Lebanese, Mr. Richard C. Shadyac, Jr., President and CEO of ALSAC the fundraising arm of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who was presented by another second generation Super star from the same family his international acclaimed Hollywood movie director brother Tom Shadyac, whose block buster movies included ( Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Patch Adams,Bruce Almighty…, )
And to top off the evening the international acclaimed fashion designer Mr. Randi Zakhem showcased a breath taking Couturier collection of evening gowns which captivated the audience in giving him a standing ovation.
Tonight showcased the Brilliance, Creativity, Compassion, Heart and Soul of the American Lebanese community and helped enlighten to the world the tremendous contribution’a the American Lebanese community has shared with its adoptive Homeland America and the World.
Thank you H. E. Nayla Moawad, RMF Founder and Honorary Chair for your undaunted commitment for the welfare of the forsaken of Lebanon,
Your late Husband, President of Lebanon stated it correctly :
“There can be no country or dignity without unity of the people, and there can be no unity without agreement, and there can be no agreement without conciliation, and there can be no conciliation without forgiveness and compromise.” – President Rene Moawad
Your work for the forgotten of Lebanon speaks volumes of your appreciation and understanding that there can not be Peace without Love,Compassion, Forgiveness to support a United Lebanon.
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation