Supporting Beirut Marathon

BY The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

August 4, 2017

Congratulations from the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation on an amazing accomplishment. You not only have created a World Class Event you now have awoken the Sleeping Dragons of Asia to the Splender and Beauty of Lebanon.

“We, at the Beirut Marathon Association, always dreamed big. We would shoot for the moon 15 years of love, 15 years of compassion, 15 years of determination, perseverance and commitment to a cause that The Beirut Marathon was selected to be one of the founders of the Asian Premier Marathons series, a league of 3 major marathons including Beijing, Seoul and Beirut.”

The exact moment that the Athlete’s from Asia touch their feet on the Cedar Rock of Lebanon they will forever be affixed to the memories of our BELOVED Lebanon.

The Abraham Foundation is proud to have the opportunity to support May El May El Khalil and the Beirut Marathon in its effort to Enlighten and Enrich the lives of the Lebanese community over these past 15 years and wish them a continued Successful Journey on bringing about Peace, Love and the Run to the Citizens of the World.

Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

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