2015 Camillus Gala

Dec. 12,2015 Camillus Gala-Shed Borden Executive Director & CEO at the Camillus House/ Health Gala in support of Providing Hope for those in Need With Thomas Abraham -Chairman Anthony R. Abraham Foundation and member of the Board of Camillus House/ Health .

At Estefan Enterprises

Thomas Abraham , Chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation and Emilio Estefan at Estefan Enterprises. Truly an amazing visit with an amazing human being who never say no in support of his Country and Home Land of his Heritage. On behalf of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, we want to thank Emilio and Gloria Estefan for their continued support and friendship for the past 30 yrs. We look forward to 2016 in continuing to making a difference in the lives of those in need throughout the World. Stay tuned 2016 will be another Hallmark, Enduring and Empowering Year supported by Americas number one Iconic couple. Thank You Emilio and Gloria and GodSpeed l

Sponsoring the New Guy Code

The Anthony R. Abraham is honored to be a sponsor of the New Guy Code and the tremendous dedication and commitment of Che Scott the originator and creator of the New Guy Code.

Please take a moment and be refreshed and enlightened on the value of this cutting edge approach to bring awareness and new perspective on the value of respecting ourselves and having respect for both genders.

It’s time to change the course and perspective how we should look at ourselves.

The New Guy Code Will inspire you to share this with your young children. The Abraham Foundation believes so strongly in Che Scott and his message so we have committed to continue our support for this initiative to bring The New Guy and Girl Code to high schools across the country.