A Gift to the Beirut Marathon Association and Lebanon

The Coloring of Run Love by Romero Britto a gift to the Beirut Marathon Association and Lebanon!!! It was an amazing day of sharing his talents with Lebanon. GodSpeed! #AbrahamFoundation

Teach For Lebanon welcomed the Brazilian artist Romero Britto

During our trip to Lebanon, we also had the chance to visit another great organization TEACH FOR LEBANON… Which aims to eliminate educational inequality while fostering youth leadership and promoting civic engagement. By providing support and training on a regular basis to young children, TEACH FOR LEBANON empowers its ‘Fellows’ to become leaders in their schools and communities. Student achievement is measured by the change in their attitude and desire to learn and graduate.
If you want to learn more about our visit, where we were also accompanied by super talented pop artist Romero Britto visit this link:
It was a pleasure for us to support this amazing organization Teachachild, and thank you Romero Britto and Zeina Jaber El-khalil for making it happen!

Supporting “Teach a Child”

We are so proud to have had the opportunity to facilitate a special visit by legendary International Pop Artist Romero Britto who visited with us a school supported by TEACH A CHILD. Zeina Jaber El-khalil, President and a co-founder of Teachachild made the arrangements for us to spend the morning with over 60 children who had an opportunity to see a video of Romero’s life and then were treated to the ultimate historic experience, painting with Romero. GodSpeed! #AbrahamFoundation
To read more visit this link:

At the Teach a Child Event in Lebanon

At the Teach a Child Event in Lebanon with our super talented friend Romero Britto
At this Charity Event Romero Brito Created His First Ever Live Painting For the Benefit of the Charity. There Were over 1000 People Attending,Dignitaries Celebrities, The Who’s Who of Lebanon. Over $55,000 Was Raised At This Event In a Short Period of Time from the two Pieces of Art Romero Britto Donated. GodSpeed! #AbrahamFoundation

Patriot Project a Veterans Housing Program sponsored by the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

Pleased to have joined Camillus House and Acting CEO Bob Dickinson as they unveil their new Patriot Project a Veterans Housing Program sponsored by the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation.
We believe this model will appeal to veterans and assist them in rebuilding their civilian lives. GodSpeed!