Miami Children’s Museum Gala

2016 Be a kid again Gala- Miami Vice &Spice. Anthony R. Abraham Foundation in support for the Benefit of Miami Children’s Museum.

Supporting Beirut Marathon

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is honored and privileged to support the Beirut Marathon and its youth programs throughout Lebanon, showing that through sports the language of endurance and dedication mixed with a passion to succeed and that all things are possible if we believe. We salute May El May El Khalil in receiving The Sports For Good Award .

A United Lebanon would be the true reward for all the unknown sacrifice this amazing Hero and Patriot of Lebanon has endured for her beloved Lebanon.

Each and everyone one of us who have this passion for our beloved Lebanon has an opportunity to receive their own Award with the knowledge that they have participated in sending a signal and message to all who stand in the way of Peace, Love and a United Lebanon that we will never give up Hope until we see the Colors of our Beloved Lebanon filling the streets a Million strong demanding the we have Peace and a United Lebanon.


May El Khalil on your unselfish journey and may you continue to inspire the world and make a difference.


St. Jude 54th Anniversary

May the Spirit of Hope ride on the Wings of all those stricken with a catastrophic disease, knowing that Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital is your Beacon of Hope.
We called him Uncle Dany, with his passion, love , humor and dedication embraced by hundreds of thousands of volunteers and supporters, Danny’s dream that “no child should die in the dawn of life” was the torch bearer messenger of Hope for those stricken with a Catastrophic Disease.
Danny Thomas, rallied his supporters and surrounded himself with men and women of his Lebanese heritage which he was so proud, promising to build a shrine of Hope, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
With dedication and belief and embodied with the spirit of being “proud beggars” The original founding members Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital helped Danny Thomas’s dream come alive.
Today the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation pay’s tribute to all those original founding board members with Danny Thomas in creating the greatest catastrophic Children’s Research Hospital in the world.
Happy 54 Anniversary Uncle Danny and St. Jude.
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

Supporting the Coral Gables Museum

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is pleased to support the Coral Gables Museum in its mission to serve the South Florida Community and especially the City of Coral Gables. We are extremely pleased with the amazing new shows and programs that they have been offering to the community at large. On behalf of the board of the ARAF we want to congrualate the Coral Gables Museum and it board members and staff on there stewardship and creativity. GodSpeed! TGA