The Reason the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Supports the Beirut Marathon

A Journey in Search of Hope!
Beirut Marathon
A Miracle of Faith
We are all Dreamers, but they’re also Doers who Make A Difference In The World.
Enjoy the reason the Anthony R. Abraham Supports the Beirut Marathon
Thomas Abraham

A Supporter of Project Hero

As a supporter of Project Hero and having the opportunity to spend time on 5 day bike tours with our wounded veterans, I had the honor and privilege to meet a number of these brave woman soldiers and came away with a great appreciation and ken knowledge of the sacrifice they endure in representing our armed services.
You all wore the colors of what a True American Hero wears. Your Greens represent the souls of courage and bravery that can only be appreciated in the field of Action. Thank you for your service and GodBless all our men and woman of our armed services.
Thomas Abraham

Meeting Amos Kipruto

Had the pleasure to meet Amos Kipruto who came in second at the Berlin Marathon with a time of 02:06:23 wining a silver medal. I had the opportunity to present him with a St. Jude Hero Jerseys and invite him to Memphis. It was also inspiring to have a chance to talk to him about coming to Lebanon to witness the Beirut Marathon and the amazing hospitality of May El Khalil the founder of the race “Peace, Love, Run”, he was Truly a Humble and generous with his time. Well I believe he still has a long carrier his time wining silver medal. My time the clock could not run the numbers that high. Still have three more world Marathons to run for St. Jude 😎🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🙈😱🇺🇸🇺🇸#berlinmarathon2018#stjude #stjudeheroes #stjudechildrensresearchhospital

Project Hero

Project Hero is on the Hill to talk about empowering Veterans through technology. Watch the hearing: https://science.house.gov/…/subcommittee-research-and… #HEROTrak #NoVetAlone

Running in the London Marathon for St. Jude

Running in the London Marathon for the Benefit of St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Thomas Abraham

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