Hurricane Irma

As we are preparing to dig out of the chaos of Hurricane Irma, there are a lot of folks out there that are still suffering the pain of Irma. There are millions of un- told stories of the suffering and pain that those impacted by Hurricane Irma are still feeling! Our heart and prayer go out to you all!
That brings me to another topic of those suffering the mental and physical chaos of the impact of serving in our own armed services and acting first responders.
From all over the state men and woman of our police force, first responders and armed service made sure that we were secured and protected.
It is with deep appreciation and thanks on behalf of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation that we salute and pay our respect to all those civil servants who worked tirelessly untold hours and days In making sure we were safe and secured.
Thanks for your Service and Thanks for your Dedication and Commitment backed by your Love of your responsibility and commitment to your community.
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

“The Air Of Freedom Taste Richer And More Filling For Those Who Are Willing To Fight For It”

“The Air Of Freedom Taste Richer And More Filling For Those Who Are Willing To Fight For It”
Lieutenant Jason Redman
Hello America!
While we celebrate our victories and losses over the weekend watching our favorite football teams playing America’s greatest sport, we also are reminded of the various points of view as it concerns our perspective on the meaning of “In God We Trust” as we stand and put our hands over our heart while we sing the Star-Spangled Banner getting ready to watch our Home Football Team.
It is with a heavy heart that Americans today are engaged in verbal, visual and physical attacks on the right to express our right to free speech and expression. We are all obligated to respect the rights of others as to their right to freedom of expressing their own opinions.
When it comes time that we lose sight of our obligation to pay respect to those men and women who have served in our armed services and as first responders etc., and who have paid the ultimate price of their life in protecting our Liberties, we have a Moral Obligation, no matter what injustice we are fighting to abolish, to be counted as a American paying respect and acknowledging the tradition of standing while singing our Star-Spangled Banner and holding our hand over our heart as a reminder that millions have paid dearly with their life to uphold and protect our Constitution and liberties.
So today as we decide to watch or not our favorite football teams I would like to share with you the true story of a American Hero that I had the privilege and Honor to spend time with a few years ago to learn of his story of valor and courage to fight with every ounce of his being to survive the catastrophic injuries he sustained in defending our freedom’s.
Lieutenant Jason Redman, story will remind us of what sacrifices our American Heroes endured to assure that we continue to enjoy the Freedoms and Liberties we take so much for granted.
Lieutenant Redman story will shine a light on why we are Obligated in this moment of signing the Star-Spangled Banner, to Stand and Hold our hands over our Heart to pay respect to our Flag and to those who have died defending it.
These unsung American Heroes, represented all Americans.
“The Air Of Freedom Taste Richer And More Filling For Those Who Are Willing To Fight For It”
Lieutenant Jason Redman
Thomas Abraham

Journey of Hope

To read all about our “Journey of Hope” at the Vatican and meeting with Pope Francis to present him a gift on behalf of the Anthony Abraham Foundation please follow these links:







The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Supporting Beirut Marathon

Thomas Abraham

May El Khalil:

When Beirut Marathon Association reaches the greatest humanitarian of our times, Pope Francis.
My heart grows bigger to know that we have ambassadors out there who truly and wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the @beirutmarathon .
Thomas Abraham @abrahamfoundation always keeps the name of the Beirut Marathon at the forefront of his worldwide humanitarian visits and functions. To him, what Beirut Marathon means to the people of Lebanon transcends running to a more uniting event for the whole community. One that celebrates the community and is a platform for causes and a hub for connectedness and togetherness. Sport has the power to change the world and running has the power to change Lebanon.
Check the writing on the sleeve :D:D couldn’t be more proud❤️
#Repost @abrahamfoundation
A Journey In Search of Hope: Peace, Love & Run, for a United Lebanon the words and symbolic anthem of Hope created by the Founder of Beirut Marathon, May El Khalil and shouted and heard throughout Lebanese communities around the world. In coming home to participate in the 2013 Beirut Marathon I created a slogan “I AM-Lebanon- Proud, Independent And Free! we created running shirts with that slogan in which over 1500 other Lebanese’s students and volunteers including Pres. Joseph Jabbra of LAU in the 2013 Beirut Marathon running and raising money for “The Dignity Of Humanity.”