Sponsoring the IAM St. Jude Heroes Team for the 2017 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon

Claudio Navas your truly an aspiring inspiration for all to follow. The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation looks forward to sponsoring the IAM St. Jude Heroes Team for the 2017 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. As Chairman of the Abraham Foundation I look forward to getting my running shoes in shape to be apart of the IAM St. Jude Hero Team .
Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the Children of St. Jude.


Being Part of Miracel of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Just Another Amazing Reason the Anthony R. Abraham is so proud to be a very small part of the Miracel of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What an amazing trip coming back to St. Jude and partisapating in the meetings with the Board of Directors from all over the country.


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1945 Fire Engine Raises Millions for St. Jud

1945 Fire Engine raise millions for St. Jude & is donated to St.Jude. Marlo Thomas,Family members & St. Jude Board. https://t.co/lyfpqd3A0w

Ride to Recovery

R2R at Annapolis with Cadet Jack Tania Presenting Spirit Award to Ride 2 Recovery. Each week a new Spirit Button is designed for Navy Football Games in which the cadets wear during the game.

We are Blessed each and everyone of us who live a normal life and do not have to muster the courage and determination to fight back to obtain that which we lost in the service to our country.
Thank you Edwin for showing us how to fight to retain our dignity and to preserve the life we so much fought for in having the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. We support and admire your determination to bring joy, laughter and love to your family.
Thank you Ride 2 Recovery for making it possible to find a way to ensure hope with results to our American Hero’s .
Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

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