Finding the Pilar’s Of Empathy- Charity- Giving & Compassion

Finding the Pilar’s Of Empathy- Charity- Giving & Compassion.

As we walked the Hall’s of Congress in search of the ears endowed with the Spirit of Empathy-Compassion and willingness to be Charitable and Giving we were embraced by the welcoming arms of gratitude and appreciation for our efforts by the Torchbearers of Our Democracy.

As the Chairman of The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation I want to extend to Congressman Jeffery Fortenberry of Nebraska, Congressman Ralph Abraham of 5th District Of Louisiana, Congressman Tim Walt First District of Minnesota and Caitlin Thompson, PhD, National Mental Health Director Suicide Prevention of the Department of Veterans Affairs and their staff our sincerest thanks of appreciation for the leadership roll they all have taken in supporting, Founder of Project Hero’s, John Wordin and his team in their amazing initiative to bring the Pillars of Hope to Our True American Hero’s of America our Brave Men and Woman of our Arms Services and all the members of the Police, Fire Departments and our First Responders who have served our country.

Today we walked the Hall’s Congress being embraced for our efforts in working towards creating a Haven of Hope throughout the country for our Veterans.

Project Hero working in collaboration with the VA, Our Nations Mayors and Public and Private Institutions will become the Beacon of Fulfillment of the Promise of America to Protect and Serve our American Hero’s.
Our actions speak volumes as an example to never, never give up Hope in Finding Peace within our Spirit of Giving Hope for those who have been forsaken.


Thomas Abraham
Anthony R. Abraham Foundation



Supporting Best Buddies for over 20 years

What a Huge Win for Best Buddies. Congrats to Tom Brady and the whole New England Team for Winning the Super Bowl, now to the real winners, join Anthony Shriver and the whole Best Buddies organization for one of the most amazing weekends of your life.

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation has been a proud supporters of Best Buddies for over 20+ years.

And of course catching a Ball from Tom Brady and or Anthony Shriver is a life time memory for the history books.

Join the Best Football Game to be played in America at Harvard field and support Best Buddies.

Thomas Abraham

P.S. And of course watching The Anthony Shriver Show is worth Every Cent you Contribute to Best Buddies.

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