Celebrating Redland Middle School’s New Media Center

Celebrating the renovated media center at #RedlandMiddleSchool in #Miami. “Dream big. Don’t let anybody steal your dream. You will determine your future, we will give you the tools, & support you physically & mentally, & give you everything you need, but you will have to cross that finish line,” Thomas G. Abraham, chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation. #redlandroyals

Celebrating Kinloch Park Middle School’s New Media Center

“We believe that what we’re doing will empower those that we’re looking to serve & help,” Chairman Thomas G. Abraham. We are #proud of being able to #SupportEducation initiatives in #Miami, including the amazing transformation at Kinloch Park Middle School.

Celebrating José de Diego Middle School’s New Innovation Space

An inspiring speech by Chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Thomas G. Abraham during the ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the new technology-rich and inclusive Innovation Space at #JosédeDiegoMiddleSchool in #Miami.

Celebrating John F Kennedy Middle School’s New Media Center

Celebrating the new media center at #JohnFKennedyMiddleSchool in #Miami. “The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is committed to continue to support those organizations and entities in our community that empower those who need to have an opportunity to succeed in life,” Thomas G. Abraham, chairman.

A Call to Rise for Lebanon in its Darkest Hour

“We, the Lebanese diaspora, are being called on now, to rise for #Lebanon in its darkest hour. Like this film by Lebanese Australian Daizy Gedeon (@daizygedeon) shows, it is our time to step up and help our beloved Lebanon, and all our country’s men and women, who have carried the burden on our behalf for so long. I urge you to watch the full trailer of ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour (@enough.movie) and to sharing it with your community, friends, and family, because the time to rise is now, before it is too late. God bless America and God save Lebanon 🙏🏼🇱🇧❤️” Thomas Abraham, Founder and Chairman of the Help Us Rise Beirut Relief Effort.