Supproting the Art Community

FrameWorks… the IConic FrameWork to bring to life a work of art lies in the creative skill set of one of the country’s top Framing Company’s.

If you have walked into a Hotel lobby, corridors guest room, Cruise Ship and or restaurant or fabulous home, you probably have seen a work of art framed by Cris Sweeney & Clare Lardner owners of Frame Works. It was amazing to spend time with Cris today to discuss all the project we’re working on and how we can come up with new ways to support the art community in showcasing their works of art.

Thanks Cris for your 40 plus yrs of friendship and creative ingenuity.





A Tribute to Father Elie Saade

“Because Of You We Are Blessed-“ A short Tribute to Father Elie Saade to the friends , family and the Parishioners of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Roman Catholic Church, Miami Fl.

Thank You Father Saade. GodSpeed!

On Your Journey in the likeness of God!

The Anthony R. Abraham Family!

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Working on a Surprise for Our Olympic Athletes and World Guests in Tokyo

In Search of Gold!!! On the trail to Making The Impossible – Possible.

With The King of POP ART “ Romero Britto? Me. Peter Zeytoonjian-Senior VP -Commerce & Events and Jason Rizzo and memeber of the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation.

The 2020 Olympic Games will be in Tokyo this summer. Working on a surprise for our Olympic Athletes and World guests in Tokyo.

Please support our American Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

Go Team USA





56th Annual NAM Convention

In Defense of Christians joined the National Apostolate of Maronites for their 56th Annual NAM Convention this past weekend!

Thank you to members of IDC’s Religious Advisory Board, Trustees, and supporters who were able to join us.

Toufic Baaklini, Charles Hage Tonia Khouri Thomas Abraham Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn Eparchy Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles Hiam Boustani Joe Khouri Peter Burns Daniela Franky Fady Chamoun

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